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Christopher, Natalie and a wedding car called Maude -

Today’s wedding was really great! I arrived at the cottage in Lindford, Hampshire, bright and early and was met by mother Penny who immediately offered a very welcome cup of coffee. Natalie the bride and bridesmaid Gemma were still getting ready but no problem as we had plenty of time. Dad Leo was feeling the strain but admirably hiding it from the girls. It turns out Leo is a bit of a fly fisherman as is our mechanic Michael who is also a fly fishing instructor — I must try and get them together. Time flies when you have an appointment with the vicar and final touches took a little longer than expected and we left the cottage a little later than planned.

Maude the 1925 Oakland wedding car


Penny (Mother) and Gemma (bridesmaid), Natalie’s best friend on the way to the church


The church was the lovely stone built St. Lukes in the quaint village of Greyshott just about 10 minutes from Natalie’s home.

St Lukes Church in Greyshott, Surrey


Having dropped off Penny and Gemma it was a hasty drive back to the cottage for Natalie and Leo, time was getting on and I did not want to get them to the church too late. Once I got back to the cottage Natalie was ready and Leo was just locking up so no delay.

Natalie and a very proud Leo on the way to the church


We managed to get to the church just three minutes late, with the photographer Mark and the Vicar taking the usual five or six minutes. Natalie and Leo walked down the aisle about eight or nine minutes late – perfect. A quick trip to the nearby pub for me saw a Brie, Bacon and Cranberry sandwich and a glass of orange juice arrive in good time, a quick chat with a few residents who wanted to know all about the wedding car and it was time to get back to the church. A few minutes later it was all over and a very happy Christopher and Natalie emerged from the church.

I missed the comment but not the moment


The usual photos followed which Mark managed to get through quite quickly; then it was confetti time, fortunately away from the wedding car so our cleaner (me) won’t have too much to do later.

Looks like Dad knows how to throw confetti!

Shortly after the confetti it was into the car and heading off for a nice quiet drive to the reception.

At last a little time on their own before the reception


After quite a long drive we arrived at Barnett Hill in Wonersh, a late change of venue as their original venue, The Pride of the Valley, went into administration.

Barnett Hill is certainly a better venue – more photogenic


One last photo for me. I like to try and do a few arty shots. This one I quite like, I hope you do too.

My final photo of Bride, Groom and the wedding car


Many congratulations to Natalie and Christopher and thanks to Penny for the coffee.


One response to “Christopher, Natalie and a wedding car called Maude”

  1. Lovely wedding and some amazing photos. Congratulations to Natalie and Christopher and all the best to them in the future. Everyone looked great and looked like they had an amazing time.

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