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Esther’s trip to St Marthas mount! -

Our 1932 Essex Super Six Esther’s challenge was to make it to the top of St Martha’s Mount, situated in the North Downs just outside Guildford.

Esther to the rescue.

Our Bride and Groom, Deborah and David contacted us a few days before their wedding date. They had been previously turned down by other wedding car companies due to the conditions of the track leading up to St Marth’s, the summit standing at 574 feet (175 Metres) and accessible by a very steep, narrow and winding woodland trail. They were beginning to think they wouldn’t get a car for their wedding, only three days away. We were quietly confident Esther could do it, our 1932 Morris Isis Melissa having made the journey before.

Classic and Vintage Wedding Cars make a point of always doing a recce of the route before any wedding; as soon as we got the phone call, we drove over to Guildford to check out the area. A popular route for walkers, the church is on the Pilgrim’s Way between Winchester and Canterbury, parking in nearby Half Penny Lane car park we began our ascent to St Marth’s on foot, we needed to check the terrain and condition of the road. Normally access for cars is restricted, the Vicar gives special permission for access for the Brides car on Wedding days. Andy, who would be driving Esther, was very happy and it seemed there had been some improvements to the track.


The long and winding road to the summit of St Martha's hill.

The long and winding road to the summit of St Martha’s hill.

Delivered to the church on time!


On the day, Esther didn’t disappoint and the journey from nearby Barnett Hill Hotel was completed without hiccup.

Helped in no small part by the skill of Andy’s driving!



Esther made it to the top of the mount!

Esther made it to the top of the mount!

Beautiful Bride and Bridesmaids, with our driver Andy.

Beautiful Bride and Bridesmaids ‘selfie’, with our driver Andy.


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