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David — Esther Fan

My name is also David and I have been driving for Classic and Vintage for about five years, although I have been driving for nearly fifty years in all. It was at Loseley House that I first met David (the boss) driving his lovely Bentley ‘Rebecca’, she did look very smart and elegant in her maroon livery. I spoke with David at some length and he agreed to give me a trial run, since then I have been lucky enough to have driven for many a wedding. I can honestly say that being part of what is a special day for the couple is an enjoyable experience, being relied on to safely transport them, bridesmaids and sometimes the family from home to ceremony to reception.

I spent nearly forty years flying with British Airways. What a great job that was meeting so many lovely passengers. Now retired but not wishing to give up on life I drive for a local charity bus company in Woking looking after school children, the elderly and the infirm on single journeys to and from and sometimes on days out. Driving and looking after people just seems to have got into my blood and I love it.

I enjoy the challenge of driving David’s venerable old ladies and coping with their wonderful idiosyncrasies. The whole experience is so much more interesting than driving a modern automated, soulless car. I love to drive ‘Cathy’ our 50 year old (Inspector Morse) MkII Jaguar. A car that I just wish was mine. My all time favourite though is ‘Esther’. She is a wonderful eighty year old American lady, left hand drive with so much leg room, large doors, running boards and a stunning looker to boot.

Esther and I have been on so many weddings together and shared some very interesting experiences we have become great friends! I well remember a wedding in Chiddingfold when we were well on time but got to the church 20 minutes late. The bride had to watch the end on the men’s final at Wimbledon!!!  I couldn’t let the bride take stick from an unhappy vicar so I told him the car wouldn’t start.