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Booking & Information Line: 01252 33 88 38


David Jones has over twenty seven years of experience supplying beautiful wedding cars. His wedding car business has provided cars for over a thousand brides and he has personally driven in the region of 900 of them. David also helps brides with all wedding day transport logistics including horse and carriage, vintage buses and coaches, helicopters and hot air balloons, you name it he will somehow organise it.

David has just recently been appointed to www.theweddingcommunity.com to act as their resident wedding transport expert. and is also the Chairman of the National Association of Wedding Car Professionals

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Other wedding suppliers

Do you list other wedding suppliers that you recommend?

Yes, you can find them all on our excellent resources  page


Our your testimonials genuine or do you invent them?

They are all genuine. We are, as far as we know, the only company to scan the original and put it online. View our testimonials.


Do you use cookies

Yes we do but they are only to enhance your viewing of our wedding cars. See our cookies statement


Do we get a receipt?

Yes we send you a written receipt and a written acknowledgement together with a copy of of the form within seven days of or receiving the booking fee and correctly completed booking form

Duration of Hire

The hire period for wedding cars is three hours from the time we are requested to be at the departure address (usually 15 minutes prior to departure) until the time we leave the reception.  If you are unsure of wether you will might need additional time for your wedding car hire please consult us as our experience of over twenty two years extends to well over a thousand weddings. If you do need more time you may pre-book additional time at £75 per hour.

Large number of wedding guests

Can you organise the transporting of the wedding guests from church to the reception?

Yes. Over the years we have built up a large number of reliable contacts for the hire of Routemaster buses, vintage and modern coaches, mini buses or you may choose a fleet of Mercedes ‘E’ class wedding cars.


Can you recommend other suppliers?

Yes.  Please visit the following link for a list of venues and suppliers.


Can you supply Champagne in the wedding cars?

We regret it is illegal for us to supply the champagne as we would have to licence as an Off Licence!! BUT we do offer a champagne service where we supply the champagne cooler, the crushed ice and the champagne flutes and serve you your champagne or whatever your prefer but not red wine. We have a nominal charge for this service of just £10

Open Wedding Cars

What happens if it rains?

All our open wedding cars have side screens which are carried in the car.


Do you provide umbrellas?

Yes. All our wedding cars carry large plain umbrellas in white or ivory. We will bring the umbrella to match the colour of the ribbons unless you are providing your own ribbons, in which case we will bring white.


If we cancel our wedding car close to the date are there charges involved?

Yes cancellation charges are on a sliding scale and detailed in our Terms and Conditions.

3.3   Where you cancel the contract at any time up to 6 weeks before the Wedding Day you will need only to forfeit the Booking Fee.

3.4   Where you cancel the contract between 4 and 6 weeks before the Wedding Day you will need to pay 50% of the Price. The booking fee may be deducted from the cancellation fee.

3.5   Where you cancel the contract between 2 and 4 weeks before the Wedding Day you will need to pay 75% of the Price. The booking fee may be deducted from the cancellation fee.

3.6   Where you cancel the contract less than a fortnight before the Wedding Day you will need to pay 100% of the Price. The booking fee may be deducted from the cancellation fee.


When is the balance due for our wedding car?

The balance is due twenty eight days prior to the wedding. We send you a final invoice well ahead of time.

Booking Fee refund

Is the booking fee refundable?

Unfortunately it is not refundable. but it may be deductible from the final invoice provided that payment is made on or before the due date. 28 day prior to the wedding

Booking fee for our wedding cars

How much is the booking fee?

£75 per car.

Large Wedding Dress

How do you deal with a large dress?

With over twenty two  years of experience we can easily look after virtually any size dress. Our drivers are trained to help you into the wedding car and smooth the dress so when you sit the dress is creased as little as possible. They will also ensure that the veil does not become detached when you sit back in the seat. The dress room in our wedding cars vary from car to car so please contact us for advice.


How are they dressed?

Our drivers wear dark lounge suits so they merge in with the guests. If they wear uniforms and peaked hats and end up in the photos the eye is drawn to them and not the bride so we always wear inconspicuous clothing.

How experienced are they?

Our drivers have a minimum of five years experience driving wedding cars, most have ten years and two nearly twenty and one twenty seven years.

Biographies of our Drivers

To meet our friendly, experienced team of drivers Click here.

The Wedding Cars

Can we view the wedding cars prior to booking them?

Yes. We always encourage brides to view before booking to check on dress room as only she will know how large the dress is. You must make an appointment by email or telephone.

Can I secure the wedding car prior to sending the booking fee and booking form?

Yes. We are more than happy to grant a seven day option giving you plenty of time to send us the completed booking form and the deposit. Please make your option request online through the ‘Wedding Cars’ section, alternatively telephone or email us.

How are they decorated?

All our wedding cars will come with white or ivory ribbons (you may of course supply your own in other colours but please telephone or email us for exact requirements). The cars are not overdressed with bows and flowers, after all the bride is the star of the day not the car.


When should the groom arrive at the church or ceremony venue?

The groom usually arrives with the best man and ushers at least thirty minutes prior to the ceremony as he will be the main meeter and greeter of the guests.


When should she arrive at the church?

The bride should arrive on time. The photographer and the chat with the minister will make her six or seven minutes (fashionably?) late down the aisle.

When should she arrive for a civil ceremony?

She must arrive at the venue ten to fifteen minutes prior to the ceremony as she has to have an interview with the registrar. Please remember that on a Saturday Registrars are usually scheduled for a wedding every thirty/forty minutes or so. We have had a bride twenty five minutes late for the ceremony which was then cancelled as there were so many ceremonies that day. The wedding had to take place much later in the day. At four o’clock instead of eleven thirty!!!  DON’T BE LATE.


Can you take the bridesmaids in the wedding cars before the bride?

Yes provided the journey time from house to the ceremony is ten minutes or less. We offer this service free of charge.

Should they arrive at the same time as the bride?

Bridesmaids should arrive five to ten minutes prior to the bride if travelling in a separate car. If they are using the bridal car prior to the bride they should arrive early enough for the car to return and get the bride to the ceremony on time. Arrival of the bridesmaids usually signals to the ushers it is time to encourage the guests to take their seats for the ceremony.

One car or more

We have lots of bridesmaids and mother of the bride to transport. How should we arrange it?

Really you have four choices:

  1. If the journey time from house to venue is less than five minutes we could make two trips in the wedding car prior to the bride
  2. A seven seat Daimler limousine (British)
  3. Several E class Mercedes, they will each seat up to four passengers
  4. A people carrier or minibus or even a vintage coach

Advance Booking

How far in advance should we book?

Wedding cars are usually very unique. Once you have decided, book immediately as classic and vintage cars are extremely popular and book up well over a year or more ahead. With some cars a year ahead is sometimes not enough!

Out of Area

Will you consider going outside your normal area?

We are prepared sometimes to go out of our normal area but it depends on distance and the age of the chosen wedding car. Please contact us with all the relevant wedding locations for consideration and a quotation.

Area Covered

Where do you operate?

We cover most of Surrey and parts of Hampshire, Berkshire and West Sussex. A radius of about twenty five miles or so from our base in Farnham. If you are not sure call us on 01252 33 88 38


How long have you been established?

The Classic and Vintage car Company has been supplying wedding cars for over twenty two years.